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complete with a water slide

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is pretty fucking ninja
8 December 1990
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about me
My name is Caroline and I'm 21 years-old and I live in Norway.

I'm a: A Narnia fan. A TV addict. A Fanfiction Addict. A Fanfiction writer. A Fangirl. A Musical lover.

I like: Musicals. To read books. To watch British comedy. To write. Poetry. Things that are funny. New friends. Winter sports. Food. To laugh. Football.

I also have a thing where I like to turn my favorite male characters into girls. You are hereby warned.

In this journal you'll find talk of writing and rants on things that annoy me. You'll find whining about my life and how much school suck this week. You'll find fangirling and fandom squee. You'll find all my fanfiction.

aksel lund svindal, alpine skiing, aslan, barney stinson, barney/robin, biathlon, bones, books, booth/brennan, cabaret, captain james t. kirk, castle, charmed, chris halliwell, chronicles of narnia, chuck bass, chuck/serena, coffee, cross country, d/g, david tennant, dean winchester, disney, doctor mccoy, doctor who, doctordonna friends, dodger, donna noble, draco and ginny, draco malfoy, draco/ginny, drawing, edmund pevensie, emil hegle svendsen, family, fanfiction, fire and ice, food, football, frankie boyle, frankie boyle's shirts, genderfuck, gilmore girls, ginny weasley, glee, gossip girl, gregers gram, harry potter, himym, house, internet, james purefoy, jesse st. james, karen gillan, karl urban, king edmund the just, king peter the magnificent, kirk/mccoy, les miserables, literature, logan echolls, logan huntzberger, lorelai gilmore, love, lucy pevensie, matt smith, matt smith/karen gillan, max manus, max manus/gregers gram, meta, mock the week, movies, mugglecast, musicals, narnia, ncis, noah puckerman, norway, oliver twist, paul bettany, penny, peter pan, peter pevensie, petter northug, podcast, pottercast, puck/rachel, queen lucy the valiant, queen susan the gentle, rachel berry, rachel/jesse, reading, robin scherbatsky, rogan, rome, rory gilmore, rose tyler, sam winchester, serena van der woodsen, sheldon cooper, sheldon/penny, skiing, sleeping, sookie/eric, stabæk, star trek xi, supernatural, susan pevensie, tardis, ten/rose, the artful dodger, the big bang theory, the eleventh doctor, the emcee, the norwegian war resistance, the tenth doctor, three sentence fic-a-thon, tony/ziva, trueblood, twilight, veronica mars, watch tv, winter olympics, writing, wyatt halliwell

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