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Three Sentence Ficathon 2015

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This is a challenge where you answer a prompt with a fic consisting of only three sentences. It's open to all fandoms and you can post and answer as many prompts as you like. Only one prompt per comment please.

When posting a prompt please format it this way:

fandom, character/pairing, prompt word/sentence.

Lastly, please pimp this to your flist and on Tumblr and everywhere! I'd like as many as possible to come and participate!

Rules kept from last year:
If you want to request a queerplatonic ship you just use this symbol: ~ instead of the: / Read more about the concept HERE
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any, any, outsider PoV
To an outsider, they are mutants, freaks, dangerous people with dangerous powers. Most fear them; some hate them; a few respect them for saving the lives of people who would kill them. But to an X-Man, once they've been with the team for a while, they're much more than any of that; they're a family, just trying to do their best for each other and a world that fears and hates them.


1 year ago

Young Avengers, any, idiot teenagers with a death wish


December 17 2015, 02:04:43 UTC 1 year ago

Sailor Moon, Ami Mizuno, A favorite animal of Ami had been cats.


December 17 2015, 02:05:37 UTC 1 year ago

Sailor Moon, Ami Mizuno, A favorite couple of colors of Ami had been aquamarine and blue.


December 17 2015, 02:18:15 UTC 1 year ago

Sailor Moon, Ami Mizuno, A favorite flower of Ami had been Water Lilies.


December 17 2015, 02:19:34 UTC 1 year ago

Sailor Moon, Ami Mizuno, A favorite gemstone of Ami had been sapphires.


December 17 2015, 03:35:13 UTC 1 year ago

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow/Oz, we meet again over Turkish coffee
Sitting by the cafe window, Willow watched as passersby strolled along the corridor of the Grand Bazaar, her eyes searching for a familiar face to appear any moment.

She picked up the spoon and stirred the strong, dark drink in its tiny cup and thought of several ways to greet her old friend and lover—"Hi Oz, thanks for saving my life last night", "Oz! What are you doing in Istanbul??", and "How did you know where to find me?".

Her thoughts were interrupted by a tiny cough and looking up to find a short, weary man with tiny scars the same color as his hair marring a still youthful (though older, as they all were now) face, she found that all she needed to say was, "Hello".

RE: Hello


1 year ago

RE: Hello


1 year ago


December 18 2015, 02:35:38 UTC 1 year ago

Harry Potter series, Rowena and Helena Ravenclaw, the daughter lives up to her namesake, but she wants to live up to her mother's cleverness instead
The Blacklist, Lizzington, historical AU


December 19 2015, 00:38:40 UTC 1 year ago

mcu, Bruce/Natasha, I want your everything
She wakes to find him sitting on the side of the bed, his head in his hands, fingers clutching at his dark hair, body rigid with fear; she wastes no time in moving to him and calling, "Bruce?"

"You should leave."

"No," she disagrees, disentangling his hands from his hair and taking them into her own, "I want your everything, and we'll handle him together."


December 19 2015, 05:14:50 UTC 1 year ago

mcu, Bruce/Natasha, I want your everything
C. S. Forester's Hornblower series, Horatio Hornblower/Lady Barbara, Exultation is the going of an inland soul to sea
Firekeeper saga (Jane Lindskold), Firekeeper/Blind Seer, There is a wolf in me (from "Wilderness" by Carl Sandburg)
Star Wars EU, Mara Jade, You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

(This probably goes without saying but just in case: NO SPOILERS for the new movie, please!)
Any, any, everything outside us is mad as the mist and snow
This wound up as a tiny installment in As the Morning and the Night, my genderswapped Pevensies AU.


"The trouble with magic," Edith said, studying the penciled reports of King Feyraud's current position with an absent frown, "and by 'trouble' I mean the reason it's so inefficient, is that it has no system. Every magician has a different center, which means there isn't any way to generalize from one to another. And that means people who try to turn magic into a rational field of study or practice end up writing treatises of rather dodgy philosophy and dictionaries of ingredients and spells that won't work for anyone but their creators, instead of something useful like a maths textbook or an engineering manual. So yes, I know some battle magic, but that doesn't mean anything in practical terms since none of what I've read will work for me. Especially not Jadis's spells."

"That is very interesting and I'd love to hear more once we're back at Cair Paravel," Mary said, "but at the moment I only need to know if you can do something both large and subtle enough with your shadows to keep the Sarovencian sentries from noticing the raiding party I plan to lead across the river this evening."

Edith lifted her eyes from her contemplation of the map. "Oh, is that all? I can't do it from here, but if I'm with the party, that shouldn't be a problem. It might even be fun." Her hand dropped to the stone knife at her belt, and Mary felt a moment of sympathy for the unsuspecting Sarovencians as her sister smiled.

RE: battle magic


1 year ago

RE: battle magic


11 months ago

Mythology, Medea + Jason, one kiss just to make the end that much harder


December 21 2015, 07:13:23 UTC 1 year ago

Star Wars, any, the secret lives of the Royal Naboo Handmaidens
A lot of their time was spent waiting; waiting for guests to arrive at parties or waiting for the queen while she was in meetings.

So to pass the time they gambled; games of Sabacc or dice, they even bet on what kind of tasteless joke an ambassador would make or when someone's courtier would make a pass at them.

The queen knew about this & said nothing, she figured it was better than the scheming & plotting that handmaidens had done in the past.


1 year ago

Twelfth Night, Viola, Whipjack (n): a beggar, specifically one who is pretending to have been shipwrecked
(not sure if this is what's wanted but giving it my best shot)

Viola stands on the bowsprit one night, when land is visible as a thin yellow line on the horizon but there will yet be many miles to go.

Sebastian appears beside her, eyes downcast and swallowed by his cloak. His disgrace is the reason they're here, but she would not for a moment have ever thought of leaving him alone. They stand in silence for a minute or two, appreciating that their journey must come to an end soon, and they must leave the ship and invent themselves anew, in a foreign land.

"We'll make our own fortunes," she says and tries to put on her most encouraging smile. She can only guess at the contents of his heart - he wears his guilt and shame on his sleeve, even though she has told him a thousand times he needn't on her account, that she couldn't have imagined even for a second letting him go into exile alone.

"We shall be whipjacks, if all else fails," she says and at that he laughs briefly.

"We'll prevail, good sister; it shall not come to that."

She puts an arm around him and huddles in the warmth of his cloak. Blood is thicker than all the oceans in the world, she feels - if they are not parted, nothing can stop them.
Matilda/Carrie/Heathers crossover, Matilda + Carrie + Veronica, living in a world that will not fit their brains


December 22 2015, 03:44:50 UTC 1 year ago

Harry Potter series, Tonks and Lupin, their amazement when Teddy's hair changes colour
"All this time I was worried he'd take after me..." Remus trailed off at his wife's hysterical laughter.

"He still could," she hooted, pointing at Teddy's sudden shock of pink hair. "Metamorphmagi are great at impressions - just wait 'til I show him Teen Wolf!"
Spirited Away, Chihiro (or Chihiro/Haku), in-between worlds
Graceling Realm, Bitterblue, no worse poison


December 24 2015, 01:24:16 UTC 1 year ago

Harry Potter series, Parvati and Padma Patil, being totally chill with being sorted into different houses
The Sorting Hat took an extra minute with her than it had with her sister, expressing surprise at her choice, but also understanding and, praise Dumbledore, approval.

"Gryffindor!" it shouted to the Great Hall; Parvati removed the hat and joined the red and gold table; the students there looked as surprised as the Sorting Hat had been but they welcomed her anyway and that was that: she was a Gryffindor.

When she looked behind her to the Ravenclaw table, Padma was already chatting with a new friend, but briefly their eyes met and they both smiled, a secret understanding passing between them that perhaps no one else could quite comprehend, a shared desire for each to be their own individual and not defined by being a twin; Padma gave Parvati a slight nod and turned back to her new friend, and so Parvati introduced herself to a Gryffindor girl sitting next to her, a girl named Lavender Brown.


1 year ago


1 year ago


December 25 2015, 08:05:34 UTC 1 year ago

Sailor Moon, Ami Mizuno, A favorite animal of hers had been cats.


December 25 2015, 08:08:22 UTC 1 year ago

Sailor Moon, Ami Mizuno, A favorite couple of colors of hers had been aquamarine and blue.