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Three Sentence Ficathon 2015

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This is a challenge where you answer a prompt with a fic consisting of only three sentences. It's open to all fandoms and you can post and answer as many prompts as you like. Only one prompt per comment please.

When posting a prompt please format it this way:

fandom, character/pairing, prompt word/sentence.

Lastly, please pimp this to your flist and on Tumblr and everywhere! I'd like as many as possible to come and participate!

Rules kept from last year:
If you want to request a queerplatonic ship you just use this symbol: ~ instead of the: / Read more about the concept HERE
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Harry Potter, Draco/Pansy, I'd have followed anywhere you led
Nothing is the same after the war: the future which had seemed so clear, so inevitable, is nowhere to be found; Pansy is not the lady of Malfoy Manor, and there are no elaborate balls there, no exclusive fetes to fill the gossip columns of the Daily Prophet for weeks thereafter. She and Draco see each other sometimes (wizarding Britain is still a relatively small community) and they make polite small talk over the heads of their children and inquire after each other's spouses. It isn't as awkward as she would have thought, being now so distant and merely civil with the boy she once thought she would follow anywhere.


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Harry Potter, Bellatrix/Rodolphus, You give me just a taste so I want more and more
Buffy, Buffy(Anne), faceless in the crowd
Los Angeles provided Buffy with the respite she was looking for after her battle with Angelus. She got a job as a waitress and a small apartment, and spent the summer living like she was normal. In L.A., she didn't stand out; she wasn't the one people looked to when they needed a savior; she wasn't the Chosen One; she wasn't the Slayer who had killed her true love.


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Harry Potter, Dolores Umbridge, when I turn 17, I'll...
Few people knew that in her Hogwarts days, Dolores Umbridge had fallen for a Muggle born.

When he left her for one of his own kind, Dolores pretended not to care, but dreamed of the day when she could pay the two of them back, for no one treated Dolores Umbridge that day and got away with it.

When she turned seventeen , the age of majority, she vowed she would set out on her path to join the Ministry, to draft legislation against the Muggle borns, half bloods and half breeds of the world, the werewolves and anyone who was not pure blood like her, and they would rue the day they ever crossed her.
FFVII, Aerith (+Zack+Sephiroth) outsider PoV, in the future Aerith is known as the goddess of the underworld.
Excerpt from The Greater University of Ivalice Compendium of Myth, Legend, and Popular Superstition, Vol. VII, Chapter VIII: Gods of Earth:

The goddess Aeris (alt. Aerith; Aerth) is the central figure of a fertility cult believed to originate in the greater Midgar area but currently found throughout the continent, with a foothold in the Nibel mountains; although her worship has faded with time, Aeris is still a popular figure among the poor and the criminal classes, who believe – with some tenuous historical justification – that she once walked incarnate among them. Like other chthonic figures (1), she is a goddess marked by dualities: death and rebirth, sickness and healing, purity and decay; she is the daughter of Calamity and the consort of Strife, and has close ties to other deities of the underworld and of war, particularly Sefiros (alt. Sephiroth; Saphir) and the storm god Zax (2), although whether these deities occupy the role of sibling, adversary, or even lover varies by myth and by region.

Regardless, the stories are clear on one one point – both deities played a pivotal role in the cult's central mystery: Aeris's sacrifice upon the Altar of the Ancients and her ultimate apotheosis, allowing her to rise as destroyer of Old Midgar in its corruption and savior of the Planet itself.

(1) It is of note that Aeris bears striking (but, the authors would emphasize, potentially coincidental) similarities to other death and fertility goddesses of pre-Imperial Ivalice, including Saint Altima Ajora and Terra of Figaro, with the latter of particular interest; although Esper-worship is typically thought to be of little relevance to the religions of Midgar, the mythos of Madain's Daughter similarly bridges the earthly-profane and the celestial-divine, ruin and salvation, and her name may also be literally translated as Earth.

(2) Note that some controversy exists regarding whether Strife and Zax are truly separate entities, or merely different names for the same deity; elaboration of this argument may be found in Chapter IX: Gods of Sky and Lightning.


(Yeah, there's no way I did this prompt justice, and the footnotes are cheating)


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Harry Potter, Bellatrix/Fenrir, "I hate you" "I know"
Perhaps madness recognized itself in each other's eyes when they met, and from that moment they were bound to love or hate each other.

"Filthy animal," she'd spit at him, "half-breed mongrel" and "worthless cur," and his return insults were equally canine and cruel.

Still, they defended each other even more viciously than they fought - and unspoken between them lurked the knowledge that two powerful Betas were capable of wresting control away from a lone Alpha.

Re: Pack dynamics


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Sleepy Hollow, Frank Irving, (AU) his coven in New York sent him to Sleepy Hollow.
Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod/Caroline, what might have been
Wheel of Time, Moiraine/Siuan, she misses her
McFly (RPF), Tom/Dany, silent whispers on the road to the show


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Greek mythology, Helios and Circe, commenting on the fates of Medea, Ariadne, and Phaedra (her nieces, his granddaughters)
Maisie Dobbs, Priscilla, poetry
Vorkosigan Saga, Helen Vorkosigan, lessons from Drou
Any fandom or original, any characters or pairings, Every heart is a package / Tangled up in knots someone else tied
Arthur is very careful to keep his feelings to himself, all twisted in a snarled and tightly bound mess, until it's brutally cut like the Gordian knot.

So it's rather unnerving when Ariadne finds his parcel of secrets in a dream and begins undoing the knots like her namesake unraveled the secrets of the labyrinth.

But he appreciates the gentle way she opens the box and quietly smiles at its contents, and thinks to himself that there's no one else he'd rather have unpicking the tangles surrounding his heart.
Any fandom or original, any characters or pairings, Always somewhere halfway home
At first Cooper thinks he can get back to Earth, from beyond galaxies, and time, and gravity, back to Murph and Tom.

The space station near Saturn where he wakes up isn't home, even if it looks like home.

He gets back to Murph, but his time with her has come and gone, and she's about to leave, when he's only halfway through his journey.
Any fandom or original, any characters or pairings, But I sang you from the dark skies
 / Filled the sails with my own breath
The Lorelei was not a goddess; she spent her powers willfully, dangerously, to almost her last breath - and she did so again and again, every time her eldritch sight caught upon a ship in dire straits.

The fragile ships faced so many perils: the gleaming mouths of Scylla, the dervish undertow of Charybdis, pirates and warmongers, storms and sickness and - worst of all - a still, listless air that left them powerless to move.

The Lorelei knew this pain of being bound in place, and so out of pity she drew the ships on -- filling the sails with her very breath, her enchantment carrying them from afar, past troubled waters and out of reach of lurking monsters -- and then, when they were all but safely home, if a few grateful souls leapt overboard to reach her, to restore her spent breath with their own lifeblood ... then who was she to deny their bold sacrifice?
Final Fantasy VII, any characters or pairings, legacy
It’s a generous offer. A fully-furnished house, two months of instruction on mountain life, a set of basic materia, and when you question further, promises of food and warm clothing for the next three months. That last would be enough to make you sign almost anything; it’s gotten to the point you’ve started eyeing make-up and slinky frocks as investment for a meeting with Don Corneo. You wouldn't if it was just you, but there’s the kid to think of, and toddlers need to eat or they cry and cry and only go to sleep after they’ve tired themselves out, suckling on fabric you’ve wet with a little hard-bought milk.

You’re getting desperate, and that gives off a smell all the sharks in Midgar can recognize, the promise of gil and blood. Soon recruiters of all stripes will swarm around, until they’ve caused enough trouble that you have no choice but take any one of them on their offer. You know how this works, you’ve seen it happen.

This particular shark wears a suit. That’s a new one: you’ve kept away from ShinRa trouble, and in-between screwing with gang issues Jin was too busy coaxing you into forgetting to lock the door of the bar you worked at to attract attention from the Upper Plate.

You know what they say: if something sounds too good to be true…

“So what’s the catch?” you ask. You’re desperate and cornered to making desperate choices; doesn’t mean you’re stupid. You’re a Midgar girl born and raised and on the streets since you were fifteen, Sector 6. Stupid gets dead fast. You’re going to make one of these desperate choices to stay out of worse trouble, and ShinRa’s the most attractive package deal by far, but that's because you know what bad sides the other offers are hiding, and you can’t guess about this one.

“I’m afraid you’d have to sign the non-disclosure agreement first.” Suit’s expression doesn’t change, unreadable as a trooper’s helmet, but he doesn’t pretend to play dumb. That’s good, you decide. Less chance on you getting the wool pulled over your eyes.

“If I sign and don’t like what I hear, what happens? I can walk off?”


Well, that was worth a try.

“So how do I know you’re not planning on turning my baby and me into mako, huh?” you shoot back. Only then does it cross your mind that maybe you should’ve thought twice before mouthing off to the ShinRa suit with the golden proposition and letting him know you’ve been listening to anti-ShinRa conspiracy nuts. Not listening listening, but they speechify loud enough that you heard a bunch of their rhetoric when you still worked at the bar, and the rumor that ShinRa was disappearing poor people to turn them into literal mako had been the most memorable.

Suit raises his hands in an appeasing gesture.

“Miss, I can guarantee the parameters of this contract do not include any harm coming to you or your child.”

Legalese, okay, you can work with that. Also Suit looks surprisingly patient and hasn’t called an abrupt end to your meeting yet, so clearly you still have room to push.

You cross your arms.

“I’d like more guarantees before I make a choice.”

Suit gestures at you to go on.

You hoped he’d be one making a laundry list of things that wouldn’t happen, that you’d be able to pick apart for clues, but guess that was too revealing. From you, anything you demand will be a shot in the dark: you don’t know what kind of catch to look for.

You’re not even sure you want to guess at the catch. Maybe then he’d take it back – the offer, the house, the training, the food. But the general shape of it, yeah, that’s what you’d like to know about.

“…no harm, on purpose and by negligence,” you say. “Oh, and whatever it is – it won’t be used to start off another war, right? Or to, well, to destroy Wutai? I ask,” you hasten to say, afraid Suit served in the war and you’re just marking another non-welcome point, “because my baby—“

“Your child’s father was Wutainese, yes, we’re aware.” A beat. “No, nothing like that.”

A human being might have let the hint of a smile shine through. Here, nothing, just more of the same blank-faced formality.

A beat.

“Are these your conditions?”
Final Fantasy VII, any characters or pairings, city of dreams
Spires and waterfalls, in Tifa's dreams the Forgotten City has aspects of the two places she's called home ; it smells like water, Nibelheim after rain, and reaches as far high and down as Midgard - Tifa's mind has no use for flat places, mountain girl climbing up Midgar' buildings and down their sewers.

She walks through it as though a maze, looking for someone whose name she's calling and who never answers back (city's too bg ; have you ever tried calling for someone from the other side of Midgar?), going down, deeper into the city's heart ; she climbs down spiralling stairs, slowly at first, then her feet start moving faster, and finally she's all the way running, her heart drumming a name, one syllable a step, and a stream of unvoiced prayers coursing in her blood, tumbling down stairs with her cheeks soaked, to make it to the altar make it in time the altar there she is praying Aerith --

Aerith' face lifts when Tifa screams her name, but she doesn't budge ; stays kneeling, and when Tifa's close enough to touch, close enough that Tifa falls to her knees, reaches to pull the other girl into a hug – to wrap her arms around Aerith because without her support Tifa will crumble and fall – her embrace closes over nothing, and in the last throes of sleep she can hear Aerith' voice as a murmur in her ear, vibrant and full of reproaches, why didn't you save me ?

("it wasn't your fault," Cloud says later, without looking at her; "it's as much mine as yours," she retorts, and she watches him nod, and come sit next to her - still not touching, but the space between them is wide enough for just a person and feels like no space at all.)
Mad Max: Fury Road, any characters or pairings, midnight in the desert
Any fandom, any characters or pairings, Silent Hill crossover
(No idea what this is, but yeah :'D)

Pyramid Head looked at this little man before him, cocked his monstrous metal head slowly and screeching to one side – for he wasn’t used to see anyone not trembling before him, not falling on his knees and beg for his pitiful life – and, if possible, he would actually have frowned when said little man jumped up and down in a funny manner and even started to throw small fireballs at him (that he barely felt, just for the record).

The monster grumbled, getting more annoyed when that imp started to jump up AT his head.

The grip on his Great Knife tightened, and with little effort he wielded the weapon and raised it just as the midget attempted to jump at him again, with that stupid mustache and a voice too shrill for this place, saying Its-a-me, Ma – but Pyramid Head would never know who that little nuisance was, for he slammed the knife down when the imp was in midair and split him in half, moaning approvingly when well-earned silence fell over his town again and all jumping was once more eliminated.


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Puella magi madoka magica, Sayaka/Kyoko, together at last
Teen Wolf, Chris Argent/Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilinski, telling their kids.
It wasn't unusual to find the sheriff in Scott's kitchen with his mom, but all three kids stopped in their tracks when they realized who else was there.

"Heeey, Mr. Argent," Stiles said awkwardly, looking at Allison to see if she was any less surprised than they were, "what is this, Parents Anonymous or something?"

The adults looked at each other and took the same deep breath before turning to their children; "Um," Mrs. McCall said, in what Scott and Stiles knew was her nurse-with-bad-news voice, "you guys should probably sit down..."


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London Spy, Alex/Danny, alternate ending.
Spoilers for the last episode...

They came across each other purely by chance—after all, what were the odds of finding their soulmate hidden amongst the crowds that gathered to watch and take part in one of the largest Halloween parades in America?

It was a question only a genius could answer and Danny had no way of knowing who the Wolf that literally stalked him for several streets was until the mask was pulled back to reveal a familiar, long lost—long thought dead—and beloved face.

"You found me," Alex said—the words plain and simple just as he had always done when they were together those many years ago—and putting a finger to Danny's lips, cried silent tears of relief that he didn't have to break his vow to his captors and his mother in order to be reunited with the only person he ever cared for.


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Southland, John Cooper/Ben Sherman, hooking up with his training officer.

(No S5 spoilers please)
Southland, Sammy Bryant/Nate Moretta, falling into bed after a night shift.