is pretty fucking ninja (caramelsilver) wrote,
is pretty fucking ninja

Life and three sentence ficathon

Wanna hear something crazy? I turn 25 on December 8th. Yeah, that's kinda weird. My lj is over 10 years old and I'm turning 25. I've done nothing of worth in my life, except survive and get my driving license.

Do people still want a 3 sentence ficathon? This would be the... fourth year, if we'll do it. I'm up for it, what about you?
Tags: life
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Hey hun. I'm 33 and I'd totally be up for it. Noho ora mai ra, na Kate.
My lj turned 9 this year. I had one before this one, though. If I had stayed with it, it would have turned 10, but it didn't live that long :D
Surviving and getting a driving license are definitely of worth, especially considering the alternative.
for what it's worth: i'm interested.
I love your 3 sentence ficathon, and never find it until it's starting to taper off. I'll absolutely be on board. :)
Oh yes, very interested!


November 17 2015, 18:10:02 UTC 2 years ago

Dropping in out of the aether to say I'd be interested in the ficathon! I was in fact checking in to see if you'd run it this year. A happy anniversary in advance.
I, for one, am so happy you did the ficathon again! Thank you!

Also: Happy Birthday!!!! *\o/*

Accomplishments, like all things, are relative. A life well enjoyed is a life well lived. ^^