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Hi LJ! It's been a real long while.

I'm turning 23 on sunday, and I'm really not looking forward to turning 23. I'm looking forward to my birthday, because birthdays are brilliant things, and I love mine. But, I'm turning 23. That's a little too old, when thinking of all the things I haven't done yet. I haven't started studying, I haven't found love. I'm all alone in a crappy, rainy city, far away from my parents and friends, and I'm turning 23!

Other things. Why is LJ so slow?

Other other things: Come play at the Three Sentence Ficathon!

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"Why is LJ so slow?" Dunno. It's busy-season run-up to Christmas, of course, and lots of people are working on Yuletide things as well. There's a fandomaid appeal running for the Philippines, as well.

If you're looking for discussion, I posted a week's worth of Narnian head-canon recently, and I'd get a kick out of chewing through the ideas! :)
Oh my goodness, it's been sososo long since I've ventured onto LJ, and I don't know whyyyyy, but what do I see but everyone exploding with telling me to try out the TSF, so I figured I'd drop by and say hi, and check out the prompts, which I'll do in like five minutes.
Carro, I think you're wonderful and I can hardly believe you're 23 now! Tell me everything you've been doing with yourself, and your favorite adventures and your favorite headcanons you've come up with or found and then adopted, and the best story you've written since we last talked. And then email me or pm me your address so I can actually write a letter to you because it's been waaaay too long since I've done that.
Also, I've discovered a new fandom and it's a really obscure musical called Wonderland: A New Alice, and I want to share it with you!
Hey, how are you? How's 23 turning out?

Are you planning on doing this again? Because I had a lot of fun, it would be really nice.